Ahhhh such a fun weekend!!!!!

So sad I didn’t really get close to the amaaazing Kairos senior class until this last month. Thanking God for His timing… and ALMOST wishing things had happened earlier. Or that I had just been better about investing in other people and not letting myself get anti-social. Definitely been reminded I’m a pretty social girl!! Well. What can I say? Another lesson learned. Things will be better next time.

But alas! Still a few more weeks!!

And definitely been enjoying hanging out with my old friends too. I’m seriously such a lucky girl to have such beautiful people in my life.

Anyway had a wonderfully a fun day! Totally lost my voice haha.

THANK YOU LORD FOR SUCH AN AMAZING COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. And all praise be to Him for the friendships I’ve been enjoying and delighting in so much especially this past month!!!!

Watching: Speedy Scandal (with Deb and Amy! SO FUNNY!!!!!)

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