“The Father’s Song” by Matt Redman

I have heard so many songs
Listened to a thousand tongues
But there is one, that sounds above them all

The Father’s song, the Father’s love
You sung it over me and for eternity
It’s written on my heart

Heaven’s perfect melody
The Creator’s symphony
You are singing over me
The Father’s song

Heaven’s perfect mystery
The King of love has sent for me
And now You’re singing over me
The Father’s song

Played this song for me as we drove back to Walnut at the beginning of Winter Quarter. He dropped all his plans to drive me home to be with my mom and brother. I remember leaning on his arm and crying like mad. Don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about this song a lot the past couple days.

I also remember driving back to SD from Disneyland. How we stopped at a gas station. How I prayed for him. I wish I had known this song back then. But I know and trust that even still God was singing it over him.

We went through so much together. So thankful that even though things didn’t work out (or at least as I would have liked), he gave me a clearer picture of the Father’s love. And I wouldn’t exchange that for anything.

Anyway. Today is D-Day. Still not ready. Eek! But just to think. In five hours, I’ll be done… sort of.

An even better though: a week from TODAY, I’ll be done… OFFICIALLY!!!!


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