So I just found out I have two part-time jobs lined up for when I get back from China. Two part-time jobs that I don’t really want. Partially because they’re not in San Diego. Partially because they’re not what I want to do in life.

Convicted to follow my own advice and BE THANKFUL.

When things fall into our laps it’s so easy to take them for granted.

No wonder we have to struggle through so much sometimes– we have to learn to appreciate our God! We are such a thankless, ungrateful people! Yet our God continues to be SO GOOD and in His grace He allows us to struggle for things, that we might learn to have an attitude of thanksgiving toward Him.

Totally had a breakdown today as I realized my 10-page paper was due last week Thursday, as opposed to this week Thursday, which is what I thought (haven’t been to class since May 11th, the day after… yeahhh). I’ve seriously never had a panic attack before, but I’m pretty sure I had one as I re-read the syllabus. (All feelings aside though, I’m kind of glad! We always talk about panic attacks in Psyc and now I know what one feels like.)

Anyway, praise God SOOOOOOO MUCH! My professor was sooooo gracious as I broke down and cried and told her everything that’s been going on (so embarrassing!). I honestly perceived her as a strict, hard-nosed lady, but oh my goodness, I thank God sooo very much for His favor and the grace that He showed me through her.

So not only do I have an extension, but I have until NEXT WEEK to write the paper!! Crazy, right!???

As I left the lecture hall trying to hold back tears (again, pretty embarrassing, especially considering I learned to cry in general within the past couple years!), I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by how gracious God is, especially when this was clearly 100% my fault; when I deserve to get an F on the paper, to not pass the class, and thereby forfeit my history minor because of my laziness and lethargy.

Again, I thank God soooo much! For the paper extension, for our last senior small group, for making it through another day, and yes, for two (and possibly even three!) part-time jobs that I didn’t even have to look around for. Seriously.

*Phew. Such a crazy day though. Totally breaking out from stress. But again, God is so good to me. All praise and honor and glory be to Him.

Soli Deo Gloria

Reading: How Children Develop

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