Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice

I’d be a fool to not say that in this year of brokenness God has been SO GOOD.

Definitely processing through a lot of hurt right now (kind of going through the whole angry phase of grieving… yeah pretty sucky for me and everyone else around me– sorry guys!), but again, God is so good and all these afflictions have seriously been such a mercy on me.

Learning (again) to turn over all of my emotions to God, for only He knows what to do with them. And I continue to find that when I hold on to all of these feelings, they pretty much always manifest themselves in sin (which I’ve been reminded [again] is NOT AT ALL FULFILLING!!).

Thanking God for such a lovely senior banquet yesterday! Still very surreal that college is completely over in two short weeks; sitting through banquet was totally an out-of-body experience.

Can’t believe it. It’s almost over!!!! Where have the last four years gone? It’s kind of sad, always hearing that college is the best time of your life. Is it really all down-hill from here!???

Well, I’ve two more weeks to live it up and I’ve a TON of school work to do in the next few days too.

Trusting God with my life and hoping that He’ll continue to be glorified, even in all of this.

Watching:  “Sister Act 2” with Core Team! Okay or actually I slept through half of it haha.

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