The One

The One

Something that really blessed me this week was when a sister shared why she likes her boyfriend. She said she is most attracted to Him because of His love for God. She even acknowledged that God had stripped away a lot of the initial things she liked about him and that on paper, he was the exact opposite of what she thought she had wanted and needed.

So I’ve been thinking about “the ONE” theory lately. How it’s kind of a cultural obsession and how it manifests itself in the church. Honestly though, how do you KNOW someone’s the ONE without dating all the people in the world? Isn’t it true that out of the six billion people, chances are that there IS someone out there who’s better with you?

You see, I feel like the one is all based on compatibility. Who is going to make me the most happy? Who will I make the most happy (so I can be the most happy)? Or even who can I help grow the most/who will help me grow the most? (Even growth in a Christian sense!)

We put so much weight on “Is this person right for me?”/“Am I right for this person?” and “Am I happy?”/“Is this person happy?” and “Am I growing?”/“Is this person growing?” and so little weight on “Is this what God wants for me?”

Truth is in the days of the Bible, marriages were arranged. Yet the calling of the Bible was “love your wife as Christ loves the church!” LOVE as CHRIST loves. The focus here isn’t on compatibility (I mean, these people had no say in that anyway) or even on whether they were good for each others’ strengths and weaknesses! The focus here is on CHRIST and HIS LOVE, which can overcome ALL THINGS.

If you’re not compatible, then Christ’s love will help you love and be in the relationship anyway. Even if you feel like the person isn’t helping you grow, if it’s what God ordains, then it’s what He ordains and maybe just being in that circumstance is what, in the long term, will grow you.

So in the end, the most important thing is to turn to God and ask Him, everything aside, is this what YOU want?

And if it is, be thankful, give it Your all, and learn to better love Him. And if it isn’t, be thankful, surrender to God, and learn to better love Him.

Those are my thoughts on the one. That the one exists in that there is probably someone out there that you’re going to end up with. But not in that there is this one glorious person that is compatible with you and perfect for you and will always be there to support you and everything. In that sense, it’s Christ alone, HE is that One.

Anyway, of course now, when I’m reading about false memories and trying to write my paper, all these things I’ve been pondering are bouncing around, begging for attention and time.

Soli Deo Gloria

(And praying that I’ll be able to focus and study haha.)

Reading: How Children Develop… okay only kind of reading =p

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