Missions Fever!!

Missions Fever!!

Just finished the second of two missions readings about Asia. Oh my goodness. Sooooooo excited to go there! SUCH a privilege to be a part of the Asia team. I still can’t believe I have this opportunity to visit a country where God is so evidently moving, a country He placed on my heart wayyy back in my high school years (I think it was senior year, but I’m not 100% sure), when my heart is so sinful, my walk so inconsistent, my intentions so impure. Can’t believe that God would allow ME to go. And even that my parents were willing!!

There is seriously so very much to look forward to. Something my AACF discipler had warned me about though a couple years ago is to not have any expectations when going on missions other than the expectation that you WILL see God move.

While I went to OTR pretty much clueless as to what I would experience, I must say I do have some preconceived notions about ministry in C. I hope I can take all those ideas and lay them at God’s feet, asking Him simply to use our team in whatever way He pleases.


I seriously have to praise God soooooooo much for this heart for missions that He’s given me. I KNOW it’s from Him because hey, it’s me. I don’t like being dirty. I don’t like uncertainty. I hate waking up early. I strongly dislike bugs and humidity and yeah again things that are dirty (all things I’ve heard about this country haha). Ahh! Seriously. PRAISE GOD for putting HIS heart in me.

I’ve many fears too. Fears about the language barrier. Fears about not knowing what exactly we’ll be doing (and hearing how people last year had to push past this feeling of not doing anything). Fears about stomach problems due to not-so American food haha. But I KNOW God will prove Himself mighty, even in the seemingly smallest of ways (pray for my weak stomach please!).

So very very very excited! Again, can’t believe I have this opportunity!! Just the fact that I get to go moves me to thanksgiving!!!

Soli Deo Gloria.


Reading: A Hunger for God by John Piper

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